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Corporate Events

I would be delighted to provide a tailor made corporate outdoors event for your business.

The business I founded Walkfree Breakfree emerged in 2009 from a successful university outdoor group where I organised and led student and staff on outdoor trips throughout the UK and at times beyond. I am proud of the ethos this gives to my company.

Our business is about delivering outdoor short breaks and holidays to encourage you into and to enjoy that wonderful land of ours outdoors.

Our corporate events are unique, offering the chance for your employees to get outdoors and benefit from great companionship and a chance to brain storm outside of the office.

We have a variety of locations which can offer fully catered conference room facilities to enable a mix of both business and pleasure. Activities are included in the cost of your trip which we can offer for as little as £150 fully catered for two nights.

Our style of service does really get people together effectively, including those who have not met previously as we seek to deliver a “club” style ambiance.

Our walks are usually guided but if you want to do your own thing, go for an independent walk or just chill out and relax then just please do so.

Alternatively we also offer an extensive corporate challenge support team. If your organisation is looking for a charity challenge, let us arrange the logistics for you. We have a number of different sized vehicles which can support your three peaks trips.

To get you outdoors, to change your views, time and time again, exploration, discovery, places new and companionship, that totally inspires me, I will be delighted to provide a quote for your next corporate trip.

Iain Thomson WFBF Founder –    07889 165278

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